Our History

Salumificio Maison Bertolin follows a long family tradition: Grandfather Guido set up the first village butcher’s shop in 1957 and the Bertolin brand very soon became a symbol of quality. The profession was part and parcel of family life and time- honoured recipes are handed down from one generation to another. Today’s constantly changing market challenges traditions but Bertolin products are true to the history and quality which makes them unique. Salumificio Maison Bertolin is a modern company with over 50 years experience and is a key player in Aostan gastronomy: its authenticity, attention to detail and spirit remains constant.

Our Family

salumificio storico

Our Company

Bertolin products are the fruits of tried and tested recipes and the highest quality ingredients make our products unique and a delight for the tastebuds. Here at Salumificio Maison Bertolin there is a perfect union of tradition and technology and our modern premises of over 2500 square metres is the workplace for our dedicated team of over 30 people who send products daily to both other parts of Italy and abroad. Avantegarde technology is perfectly suited to the complex duration and preparation of traditional recipes and the Bertolin family is personally involved with every part of the production from the very beginning to the end.