Lard of Arnad
Unique Lard P.D.O.


Lard has been made in Arnad for centuries using the same traditional methods. A historic paper dating back to 1763 from the Castle, which stood above the ancient centre of Arnad, known as the "Ville, documents the presence of four “doïl”, the chestnut containers which were used to store and season lard. The ancient tradition of using mountain herbs is central to making lard and is the perfect equilibrium of production and territory. Rosemary, bay leaves, sage and all the other herbs used to make lard are still grown and cultivated in the Bassa Valle. Every year Azienda Bertolin, produces five quintals of rosemary on the premises and the whole process is carried out by hand.


Many Bertolin products or parts of the production process are carried out by hand: herbs are cleaned and prepared; potatoes and beetroot are hand-peeled before being made into delicious "boudin"; garlic is peeled; lard is layered and seasoned and placed into doils. All our staff are experts in the use of use of traditional methods. The production of lard is part and parcel of the ritual pig slaughter, which is still an important event for the local population and is faithful to tradition in all the various phases: sectioning, cuts, seasoning and preservation.


This event traditionally involves friends and family and takes place between Christmas and the day of Saint Antonio. The day before the ritual slaughter is spent preparing spices for the lard, the doils are cleaned, potatoes and beetroot are boiled in order to make boudin and the casing for salami and cold meat is left to soak. The day after the meat is sectioned and divided according to the various products: salami meat is minced, seasoned and placed into casing, shoulder cuts, used to make lard, are cleaned and degreased.